Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do you have a Healthy Prostate?

I found out I had prostate cancer in december of 2003

  • Dec-10th: My biopsy results showed- Cancerous cells on left side of prostate-8% & 20%. I had absoluely no symtoms.

  • Dec 11th: I travelled to West Virginia to see my 90 year old mother and started the Hallelujah diet. Only raw foods and vegetables with supplements and barley. I drank a lot of distilled water. Daily I would snack on almonds and took salads and tomato sanwiches using 100% whole wheat bread.
  • Body Balance liquid vitamins and minerals helped to keep my energy up as I was loosing weight. I walked for 30 minutes every day plus all the walking and physical active I have at work. I work for Lockheed Martin as a sheel Metal techincian. My Urologist insisted that I had to have surgery to remove my prostate but I looked for alternative medicine, I felt ok and had no symtoms, my life continued as normal except for the food I loved to eat, the pizza and stew and fried chicken. I played tennis, took epson salt baths to rid my the body of toxins. My PSA had been 4.2 before I started the diet and went down to 3.0 after 3 months on the diet. It was now getting tough to stay on the diet, little by little I started to eat a little chicken and maybe one piece of pizza and before you know it I was off the diet and my PSA started rising again. The PSA I though was an indication that the cancer was going away but I found out later that was not the case.To be continued.....

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